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Just obsessing over my little ones today.

Spending some quality time with this beautiful brown creature. She’s gonna be 8 in 18 days. She’s growing up too fast!


Fashion Spotlight: Black Milk x Harry Potter 2.0. 

We can’t get enough of our nylon fashion gods, Black Milk. From Star Wars to Game of Thrones to Harry Potter, they make every nerdy girl’s dream come true with their form-fitting dresses to their playful leggings. Over the summer, Black Milk released their first Harry Potter inspired line dubbed Hogwarts. On April 8th, only three days away, they will release a second Hogwarts line featuring even more goodies that will make any potterhead drool with envy. From bomber jackets to skater dresses, this line will have you grabbing for your wallets and mailing all of your available funds down under. 

Don’t forget to grab your house robe and scarf!
Congratulations, you’ve been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 
- Britt. 


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Apr. 05th, 2014 - 2 weeks ago - Reblog - 377 Notes

Thanks to everyone who made my day extra special. @crkshnks for all my amazing gifts, @alyssamalbacete for spending the rest of the day with me (and being my bestest friend since 2002), @berrma for giving me the best laugh/happy tears, @leibrocksue for treating me to a home cooked meal AND giving me life, and to everyone else who reached out to me and sent me all the positive vibes. Today was a good day to turn 24.

Had the best day at work today. @berrma got me a perfectly artistic representation of all the reasons why I love Harry Potter, and all the while surprising me with it while I was in greet, and @jourdanmarie playing Hedgwig’s Theme on all of the walkies, for everyone to hear. Needles to say, I cried happy tears in front of everyone I work with. Best work birthday ever.

Even thought it’s amazing outside, I will always crave 73° or higher.